6 weeks programme for knee osteoarthritis

Wet Bikes’ 6-week aquatic cycling programme for patients suffering with knee osteoarthritis offers a safe and effective way to alleviate your symptoms, strengthen and recondition your leg muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Stationary cycling and water based exercises are frequently recommended for patients with knee OA, therefore combining both is an obvious step. Wet Bikes provides state of the art aqua bikes and a bespoke aquatic cycling routine, specifically designed for patients suffering with knee OA.

You will cycle using our stationary bikes immersed in a swimming pool, with water up to your waist, doing exercises specifically designed for OA and it’s symptoms.

The 6 week programme includes: both initial and final assessments by a Nuffield Health Physiotherapist, two weekly workouts lasting 30 minute each run by a Personal Trainer qualified in rehabilitation. We keep group sizes small so we can focus on you, with a maximum 6 people with similar issues and level of fitness, all provided in a welcoming and friendly environment.

The hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy of the water relieves the stress of body weight, aids muscle relaxation, decreases joint compression and reduces pain.  Cycling against the resistance of the water contributes to strengthening your leg muscles in the safest possible environment, while providing effective cardiovascular training.

To join today or to ask any questions, please contact Giorgia at info@wetbikes.co.uk / 07340562398

Classes are held at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing, Guildford, Railton Road, GU2 9JX
Monday 10:30AM and Wednesday 11:30AM starting Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Free trial offered by Wet Bikes, in collaboration with the physio team at Nuffield Health – Guildford.