Aqua Cycling for you

For fitness

An all body work out offering the unique opportunity to reshape and tone up your body, while improving cardiovascular endurance and burning a massive amount of calories.

For fun

The energetic workout, the music, the massage of the water immediately awakens those dormant endorphin, leaving you exhilarated, re-energised and happier.

For rehabilitation

Aqua Cycling is ideal for you if you suffer of any issues with your knees or hips.

Aqua Cycling can help you recondition and strengthen your leg muscles in the safest environment possible.

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Having not skied for 7 years due to knee injuries, I was determined to ski this winter, and started Wet Bikes last May with the objective of strengthening the muscles around the knee. And it worked, I’ve just returned from the ski trip and will keep on pedalling as I want to go again next year!

I have been doing Wet Bikes for nearly two years now and I love it. It allows me to work out really hard and avoid all of nagging injuries I have to battle with. In Aug 2016 I had a hip op and within 3 weeks I was back on the Wet Bikes, gently at first building up to full speed in a short time. The water resistance really helped with my recovery , my consultant and physio were both impressed!

Ally James

What an enjoyable way to keep fit! Great instructors who really get you working. I have been coming for 2 years, I can highly recommend these classes!

Christine Pryce

I started Aqua Cycling with Wet Bikes after a severe ankle injury. I had struggled to find a fitness class that I could attend that put little stress on the injury but was still a challenging workout.

Aqua cycling was perfect – it allowed me to take part in a group class, stay fit with low impact!

Aqua Cycling really helped build my confidence , which allowed me to get back into exercise and push myself.

I have continued to take part in Aqua Cycling and the benefits are noticeable. I feel fitter and am more toned. It is an aerobic whole body work, put the effort in and what you achieve can be superb.’

Fiona Jones

Brilliant and fun way to get fit. Love it. Would recommend it to anyone.

Lara mekibott